Rep. Honda Calls for an End to Cap on Social Security Tax

George Takei (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek) and meSouth Bay Congressman looks to shore up long-term viability of the system

By Brian Leubitz

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Rep. Mike Honda is in something of a dogfight to keep his seat in Congress. Ro Khanna is putting up a strong and well-funded challenge, and both are looking for ways to separate themselves. Not sure that calling for the end of the $113,700 payroll tax cap will actually divide the two, but it at least got some news coverage from the race

South Bay Rep. Mike Honda Wednesday called on Congress – and his Democratic challenger, Ro Khanna – to protect and expand Social Security benefits for seniors, saying it was time to “scrap the cap” on payroll taxes. …

“I have yet to hear a good explanation of why that cap should exist,” Honda said, adding that lifting the cap will not only ensure the program’s solvency, and help pay for expanded benefits but also maintain the safety net for seniors, the disabled, and children who rely on the program for financial security.(Carla Marinucci / SFGate)

Now, this has been a pretty consistent idea floating around in progressive circles, and has been included in many Democratic Social Security plans. It certainly isn’t new, but at the same time, it is an idea worth repeating. It would stabilize the Social Security trust fund for years to come, but Republicans have no intention of really considering it. But maybe with a bit of luck it could come up in the post-Boehner era.

Photo credit: Congressman Mike Honda with Star Trek’s George Takei. from Flickr

One thought on “Rep. Honda Calls for an End to Cap on Social Security Tax”

  1. A Great idea

    I hope Honda wins his primary against the yuppie carpet bagging, rich kid

    Ro Khanna is moving to a new district to see if he can get elected there

    I’ll take Honda

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