California’s First Attempt to Send Prisoners Out of State: The Videos

State has been trying to send prisoners out of state for a long time

by Brian Leubitz

Back in 2006, in the midst of another budget crisis, the administration offered up voluntary transfers to prisoners.  For your Friday edification and enjoyment, I’ve posted some promotional videos from 2007 highlighting the “opportunities” in these facilities for prisoners. The quality is a bit, well, terrible, but you can pretty much catch the drift.

One thought on “California’s First Attempt to Send Prisoners Out of State: The Videos”

  1. I watched everything, including after they had been in Tennessee for a while. They were raving about sports opportunities, pizza and snacks at night, everyone getting along (every ethnic group working together as a team!), opportunities to study, being treated with respect. This is a for profit prison? What would we hear if we were able to speak with these prisoners privately, with no possible payback?

    Can anyone verify that these guys were saying the same thing after they were released?

    Is there any independent verification at all?

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