The Continuing Condom Controversy

Latest round of HIV infections stirs new round of debate

by Brian Leubitz

California is world famous for its big budget Hollywood blockbusters. However, every day, the state churns out volumes of adult content. Current law requires very frequent HIV testing, but the logistics of those tests and the lag in detection mean that HIV isn’t always detected on time.  Of course, there is a way to make the business safer by using condoms, and many production studios require safe sex in their movies.

However, there is a lot of money in the business, and many studios who are a little more lax, or even outright opposed, in their condom usage. The County of Los Angeles passed Measure B last year, and that measure was upheld by a judge this year… However, many studios simply moved their productions out of the traditional hub of such filmmaking in LA County’s San Fernando Valley and into neighboring counties.

Assemblyman Isadore Hall (D-Compton) tried in a couple different ways to get similar legislation at the state level. But ultimately, that legislation was blocked, allegedly by lobbyists for the adult film industry and Asm. Mike Gatto(D-Hollywood).

But in the last few days, a series of four adult performers have been found to be positive for HIV, likely caught through their work. The LA-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation is none too pleased. And in a press conference yesterday, some of those performers spoke about their experiences.

Last week, Cameron Bay, one of the adult film actors who recently contracted HIV, called for more porn producers to encourage the use of safe sex on set.

The actress says she was naive to trust industry STD tests and said other performers told her not to ask for condoms.

‘I learned that there’s always someone younger and sexier, willing to do something you’re not,’ Bay told the Huffington Post. ‘I think we need more choices because of that. Condoms should be a choice.'(Daily Mail UK)

The legislation is dead for this year, but it is sure to come back next year. And the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and their allies are vowing to bring more public pressure to bear next year. See the flip for the TV news story.

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