Covered California Launches Tomorrow

 photo DOT-COM-LINK1_zpsd770da93.jpgState to begin enrollment in “Obamacare” plans for 2014

by Brian Leubitz

House Republicans look like they are willing to shut the government down to put the brakes on ObamaCare, but that won’t actually change Covered California’s plan to open up shop tomorrow.

Indeed, Covered California – the state’s version of the federal health care law – is preparing to begin enrolling customers in its health insurance exchange on Tuesday. Parts of the government would close on the same day if lawmakers in Washington don’t act on legislation to extend discretionary spending. …

California, one of 14 states rolling out its own marketplace, will mark opening day with a series of events in Sacramento, Fresno, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. The federal government will oversee the launch in the remaining states.(SacBee)

In fact, if you want to see how much, roughly, your health insurance will cost under the new law, it is already available. Just head over to and click on “Shop and Compare” to get a few quotes for ACA-eligible plans.

If you have employer insurance, this won’t really change much for you. However, for those of us with individual plans, the new exchange will open up new options.