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CA-Gov: Help Phil Angelides Get on The Tonight Show

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Update: Wow – over 3600 people have sent messages!  Our mobile network friends are making phone calls (click here to sign up for text messages).  Can we get to 4000 today?  Click here to tell your friends!

Update: This afternoon the campaign sent a letter to the station managers at California’s 11 NBC affiliates demanding that they pull tonight’s broadcast of the “Tonight Show” featuring Governor Schwarzenegger and to halt promos for tonight’s broadcast, or provide Phil with equal time.

In December of 2003, 32 NBC affiliates pulled an episode of “Saturday Night Live” that featured then Presidential candidate Al Sharpton due to equal time considerations.  Click here to read more

Some additional news for our Calitics friends:

Several minutes of exposure on one of America’s most popular late night talk shows? Worth millions.

Not having to answer tough questions from reporters? Fantastic.

Having the taxpayers foot the bill for The Tonight Show jaunt? Priceless.

Tonight Arnold Schwarzenegger will receive from NBC and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno what can only be described as a free multi-million dollar infomercial when the Governor appears (in violation of FCC equal time rules) on The Tonight Show.

As if being handed what amounts to millions of dollars worth of free exposure on national television four weeks from Election Day and as Californians are already casting absentee ballots weren’t enough, it has now come to our attention that the taxpayers of California get to foot the bill for The Tonight Show visit.

That’s right folks. The Governor’s own spokesperson has confirmed that the Governor’s jaunt to hang with buddy Jay Leno is “official,” which means taxpayers get the bill for this trip.

It is an insult to the people of California that Governor Schwarzenegger has time to pal around on a talk show but doesn’t have the time to debate his opponent and defend his record.  After spending $35 million in his campaign of mass deception, the last thing the Governor needs is a gift from the network.

Schwarzenegger should reimburse the state for this trip.

Click here to get Phil on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Update: 1:33pm – 2417 messages. 1:03pm – 2205 messages.  As of 12:42pm, 2054 messages have been sent to NBC and The Tonight Show!


We’ve always thought the Schwarzenegger Administration is a joke.  And apparently so does Jay Leno.

Perhaps that’s why Leno invited Schwarzenegger to appear for a few laughs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno alongside supermodel Heidi Klum and a Las Vegas circus act on Wednesday night.

There’s only one problem with that – it appears to violate the FCC rules and regulations regarding equal time for candidates during campaign season.

This is where you come in. We’ve already contacted The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about Phil appearing on the show, but we think they need a little extra nudge.

Click here to get Phil on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Governor Schwarzenegger’s exclusive appearance on The Tonight Show constitutes a violation of the equal time rule – an appearance by a candidate on a program that reaches all of California’s voters and provides favorable treatment to that candidate.

In order to remove the appearance of any bias, we’ve asked The Tonight Show to have Phil appear or – even better – invite both candidates for Governor to appear for a second mini-debate.  So far, NBC has not responded to our request.

We’re not the only ones concerned about Governor Schwarzenegger’s appearance. Yesterday, Congressman Xavier Becerra also sent a letter to the FCC, noting NBC’s violation of the law. But we need more people to speak out!

Click here to get Phil on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The only thing that’s not funny is the Governor’s contempt for California voters: No time for more than one hour-long debate, but plenty of time to pal around with his Hollywood friends.

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CA-Gov: Live Blogging from the Debate

Hi, Hilary and Lola here from Angelides 2006.  We’re going to be live blogging from the CA Gubernatorial debate.  We hope you’ll join us and leave your comments.  Remember, you can watch it streaming starting at 6pm PST on or on the stations listed here.  We will also be posting updates on DailyKos, MyDD, and of course, the campaign blog, Voices of CA. 

Check out Voices of CA for Reality Checks.  There are a lot…

We’re at Sacramento State now and Phil just arrived.  We just got the report that there were over 100 people outside to greet him (with not a Schwarzenegger supporter in sight) and he stopped to speak before he went in.  He thanked the crowd and talked about tonight as the start of our march toward election day and taking California forward.

Stay tuned.  Our supporters are fired up, Phil is fired up, and we hope you will all be watching.  Lola and I will be live blogging throughout the evening so leave comments and how you think we’re doing!

The debate starts at 6pm and you can watch it streaming at or click here to see the list of stations.  We will be cross-posting on DailyKos, MyDD, and Calitics as well.

Update: If you want to find out a little bit more about Schwarzenegger’s rhetoric at tonight’s debate before it begins, click here for a handy guide.

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Governor, it’s time to set a date…

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We’re not planning a wedding, but you can help with some  “invitations”…

Have you heard? Governor Schwarzenegger has only committed to one appearance but no traditional debates with Democrat Phil Angelides this Fall.

What’s the difference between what the Governor wants and a traditional debate? In a traditional debate, the candidates stand at podiums and answer tough questions from a panel of journalists. Governor Schwarzenegger hasn’t agreed to that – he’s agreed to have a casual chat with Phil moderated by a former Republican legislator on camera.

Click here to send Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaign an “invitation” to at least debates on critical issues facing California!

You can help, here’s how – we want to send Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaign as many invitations as we can to a series of traditional debates with Phil on critical issues facing California!

There are 54 days remaining in this critical election and so much is at stake. A series of debates, not just a single joint appearance, will be a great service to the people of California.  It is our hope to have at least two debates. Such a series of debates would provide California’s voters with the information that they need to cast an informed vote this November.  The voters of California deserve a full and open debate between the two candidates for Governor regarding the critical issues facing our state.

Click here to send Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaign an “invitation” to a series of one-on-one, traditional debates with Phil Angelides!

Let’s show Governor Schwarzenegger what the people expect from him!

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