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Operation Game Changer

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Step Up and Become a Game Changer to Increase Democratic Turnout in California.

This month the California Democratic Party launched Operation Game Changer in Los Angeles County. The goal of the project is to increase statewide Democratic turnout by increasing the number of Democrats registered to Vote-by-Mail (VBM) in LA County.

“There are more than 2 million Democratic voters in Los Angeles County alone, more than any other County in California. But only 19% of those Democrats are registered to Vote-by-Mail. The statewide average is actually 39%. This is a problem for Democrats.  If we can improve our VBM percentage in LA County it will have the effect of boosting statewide Democratic turnout,” said Shawnda Westly, executive director for the California Democratic Party.

Voters registered to Vote-by-Mail are more likely to turnout to vote. Our field representatives love VBM because it allows campaign Get Out The Vote operations to target base-voters for turnout weeks before Election Day.

That’s why we need more California Democrats to step up and commit to becoming Game Changers and convert as many LA County Democrats over to Vote-by-Mail as possible.

Please visit our special Operation Game Changer site: and sign up to volunteer.

“It Gets Bluer” in the Inland Empire

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Right now CA Dem staff and volunteers together with local Democrats in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are hard at work setting up the first-ever joint (state and local) Latino Voter Registration Project in the Inland Empire. This week, we’re launching the “It Gets Bluer” online and social media campaign to spread the word and let Democrats in the Inland Empire know that Democrats across California stand with them as they work to turn the tide in one of our state’s final remaining GOP strongholds.

Check out the dedicated website at

Christopher Guerrero, Field Director for the California Democratic Party, described it this way:

“We’ve set up shop in the Inland Empire and together with our Democratic partners in San Bernardino and Riverside we’re going to register as many Latino voters as we can between now and November 2012,” said Christopher Guerrero, Field Director for the California Democratic Party. “We are taking the fight right to the GOP’s doorstep here and in what’s considered a red (GOP) area a lot of Democrats and potential Democrats may feel like they’re the only one in the area. That’s why we’re coming together to announce to the whole community and to Democrats across the state that It Gets Bluer, and together we will work to turn the Inland Empire a bright shade of Democratic blue.”

Before initiating the project’s field component, the CDP’s field and data teams analyzed recently released Census data and past voting trends and cross-referenced the data in the Party’s voter contact file. Using geospacial tools, the results were then overlaid on detailed maps of the San Bernardino and Riverside areas to determine potential Democratic voter “hotspots” in the Inland Empire. Joint CDP and local field teams were then created in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties to register potential Democratic voters in those “hotspots.”

“We’ve got a great team in place with our lead organizers, the county parties, the local clubs and we’re even getting interest from Democrats outside of the area who are excited to see this kind of project get off the ground,” said Guerrero. “We need more volunteers and whether you’re in the area and want to help us canvass or table events with other local Democrats, or you’re outside of the area, we’ll find a way to use your help.” To volunteer for the Inland Empire Latino Voter Registration Project click here.

Be sure to check for updates on the project including stories from newly registered voters and activists in the Inland Empire and beyond.