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Stand up for Jerry McNerney

When we first started Democracy for America, one of our goals was to help ordinary people get involved in grassroots politics.  Thousands of you joined our community and brought about real change by making phone calls, sending emails, and knocking on doors.  

I need your help for someone who, just like you, stood up for change.  

In 2006, Jerry McNerney, a wind energy engineer, defeated one of the country’s most corrupt members of Congress, Richard Pombo.  Jerry was one of the first DFA Grassroots All-Stars and thousands of volunteers, including so many of you, came together for his campaign and achieved what many said was impossible – sending a seven-term committee Chairman packing.

Click here to give and keep this map-changer working for change.

Since that ground shaking election,  

Jerry has gone on to put his experience in renewable energy to work.  As the only member of Congress that’s also a former wind energy engineer, his leadership in the fight against global warming is invaluable.  

Now, Jerry’s facing a challenge from David Harmer, a corporate lawyer who spent his career defending Wall Street and big corporations.  After the taxpayers bailed out his Wall Street bank, Harmer pocketed a six-figure bonus and payout and then had the audacity to file for unemployment.  And as if that wasn’t enough, he wants to dismantle the Department of Energy, close public schools and outsource good American jobs.

Now he’s airing an ad attacking Jerry for standing up for change.  He’s also claiming to be a “constitutional attorney” who spent his career “protecting taxpayers” when in reality he was a corporate lawyer who helped big Wall Street corporations rip off California families.

We must keep Jerry working for change.  Click here to give $10, $40, anything you can, today.

What we’re working for isn’t just about one campaign – it’s about a movement.  To succeed, we must all stand up and keep working toward the brighter future.

I know I can count on you.