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Speeding Ticket Cameras

This was just forwarded to me. It was the first time I’ve heard about it – somehow it’s getting past the radar, so to speak. SB1325 would legalize speeding ticket cameras (similar to red light cameras). While I’m not for speeding, I’m not for government spying either. The bill will have it’s first committee hearing tomorrow (Jan 29).

To Motorists concerned about fair traffic enforcement:

I am writing about Senate Bill 1325, which is coming to a hearing before a State Senate committee tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th, at 1:30 p.m. If it passes, it will allow SPEED camera tickets – also known as photo radar tickets – to be isssued automatically and mailed to you.

To stop SB 1325, call the Senators who are on the Senate Transportation Committee.  Today!  For info about the Committee, go to:…  Also, phone the state legislators (assembly and senate) representing the districts in which you live, work, vacation, or shop.  Their numbers are in your phone book’s government pages.  

Once you’re done phoning the legislators, call your auto club and ask them to oppose SB 1325 (and any other speed cam bill that come along).  If the auto clubs strongly oppose these bills, they won’t pass.  Phone numbers for the clubs’ main offices are available at the link, above.

Speak NOW or forever hold your peace.  Now (Today, and Tuesday until about noon)  is the time to let your elected representatives know what you think.