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DNC 2008: 1st Day Thoughts

Powerful first night! Michelle Obama displayed the class, intelligence and decorum of a first lady.

Ted Kennedy, the Lion of the US Senate, delivered another powerful speech calling up the best of America.

Denver cops are tough, no-nonsense so crowd control isolated the Pepsi Center. No way to fast talk these officers to let you pass.

Best of all, visiting with friends from every state, lots of memories from the past eight conventions.

The Transfer of Loyalty

***Lt. Governor John Garamendi is a Clinton delegate***

There will be a time honored ritual at the Democratic National Convention called the transfer of loyalty. Since I’ve attended every Democratic convention since 1976, I keep getting asked about the possibility of a big fight, bad blood, between the Clinton and Obama delegates.

With the exception of one convention where it got ugly, my experience tells me this convention will end in harmony and a determination to get the Republicans out of the White House.

Here’s how it could happen. Hillary Clinton gives a great speech Tuesday night. She meets with her delegates Wednesday morning and tells them she will vote for Barack Obama and they should too. That night there will be a roll call vote. Hillary will get many votes, but Obama will get more. At some point, a time honored ritual will take place and Obama will be elected by inclination. Loyalty will be transferred to Obama with very little drama and we’ll march forward to victory in November.


It’s a No Brainer; Lt. Governor Garamendi Wants Sen. Joe Biden for VP

With the convention days away everyone asks “You’re a delegate.  Who’s your choice for VP?”  Easy answer, “It’s not my choice.”  But were it my choice I’d pick Senator Joe Biden.  He is well known and well respected all across the nation.  He has gravitas.  He is an expert on international relations which is always important in every administration.  He has been a national candidate and has the experience of campaigning in multiple states.  And always a key consideration is: Could this person be a good president if necessary? The answer again is a strong yes. There you have my answer to a choice that is not mine to make.

Garamendi is a Clinton delegate and the state of California’s top ranked Democrat.