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CA-32: Smear Tactics and Fear Mongering

I am a female constituent from the CA-32 district, who has lived on the same street as EP for the last 15 years.  I can attest to EP’s solid character and his outstanding ability to understand and represent the district-he is a far cry from the womanizing, gang sign-throwing, party animal Cedillo is attempting to portray.  But I will not go any further on that subject because that is not the point I wish to make.

I take Cedillo’s attack on EP personally-Cedillo crossed a line that was not only in bad taste but truly offensive to women.  Cedillo’s objectification of women on the flyer clearly shows what little regard he has for us.  Did he ever stop to think what these innocent women might feel when they saw their faces plastered all over a smear-tactic flyer?  What is even more infuriating is what little recourse these women have to hold Cedillo accountable for his reprehensible actions.  A public apology would be nice.  

It is very sad to see Cedillo resort to misrepresenting the character of a community role model (Emanuel Pleitez) to an entire congressional district.  I wonder if Cedillo knows that one of the women pictured alongside EP is the respected Latina role model, actress and political activist-founder of Voto Latino, Rosario Dawson.

Unfortunately, Cedillo is using Bush-era fear tactics to misinform a large demographic.  I am talking about the people in the district who, for various reasons, have no means to access or understand new technologies such as the internet and FB.  People like my mother, also a constituent, who saw the flyer and was confused on how Cedillo got a hold of EP’s pictures.  It was not until I showed her how FB works that she was able to see how Cedillo accessed and manipulated them.  She was furious that Cedillo, a supposed public servant, distorted the type of person EP really is through such nefarious means.  Now my mother knows that EP is not throwing gang signs, but the Voto Latino sign.  Cedillo consciously knew that people like my mother would not be able to untangle the web of lies he created on his flyer.

I am sure that If EP had skeletons in the closet, he would have erased his personal FB profile before he decided to announce his candidacy for CA-32.

Shame on you Cedillo!  Stop misrepresenting the facts and try focusing on real issues!