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Where Is Ellen Tauscher’s Primary Challenger?

What happened? Right after the 2006 election of Jerry McNerney, there was a lot of talk here at Calitics and over at the Big Orange about how there was going to be a primary challenger to Ellen Tauscher because she was too much of a loyal Bushie for her district and her eager servile support for the Bankruptcy Abomination bill.

So what happened?

I, for one, am kinda tired of listening to the Dems (when they are out of power) saying that they want to change things, and then the corporations wave some checks around and … poof! ‘CCA’ or ‘Corporate Cash Amnesia’ sets in.

The question for the blogosphere is:  “Are we going to fall for their crap again?” Just because they are ‘Democrats’, or just because Nancy Pelosi ‘likes them’ now, are we going to support the same old ‘Dem’ centerists who betray us time after time?

Has Nancy Pelosi been a disappointment or what? 

At least the Rethugs are consistently anti-middle class. Doncha just hate it when some hypocrite tells you how they “Support the troops(TM)”, while betraying them, or, they say ‘The Bankruptcy Bill Should Be Changed’ while doing absolutely NOTHING to change it?

Save me from ‘Dem’ Judas Iscariots.