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Catty Carly

Check out Carly. She’s still a loose canon. Fired from HP. Fired from the McCain campaign. And soon to be fired from California politics.

I think she’s set the record in the least amount of time to lose a campaign after winning a nomination..10 hours.

I hope Boxer has some good oppo going because Carly’s has plenty of videos of her supporting unpopular California opinions. In the vid below (4 min mark), Carly supports both drilling and Arizona’s anti-Latino law. Come’on, Barbra, don’t mess around. Hit her hard. Something like: “While I don’t have the latest hairdo, I do represent the fairest and most democratic solutions to blah, blah, blah….…

African-Americans Were Not The Only Reason Proposition 8 Passed

The idea that if African-Americans (AA) voted like the white vote, then 8 would have failed is not true. I took a look at the CNN exit polls and the election numbers and here is what I have so far:

10,328,365 voted for the proposition

5,419,478 for

4,908,887 against

If going by the exit poll, 10% AA, then 1,032,837 AA voted

at 70% yes, 722,986

at 30% no, 309,851

without the AA from the final, it is

4,696,492 yes

4,599,036 no

so 8 would have won anyways and shows that the Latino 53% yes vote would have tipped the yes vote.

If AA voted at 49% yes like white voters

4,696,492 + 506,090 = 5,202,582 yes

4,599,036 + 526,747 = 5,125,783 no

Prop 8 would have still passed.

If AA voted at 2004 levels, 6%, and using the 2008 ratio,

433,791 yes

185,911 no

4,696,492 + 433,791 = 5,130,283

4,599,036 + 185,911 = 4,784,947

difference = 345,336

Prop 8 would have still passed even without the Obama bounce.

I just want to squelch the idea that AA was the main reason 8 passed. I am afraid when we run this again that all the focus will be put on AA community when there are better areas, e.g., single women, married women with and without children, etc. In fact, it would probably be better if the Gay community started an outreach program in the suburbs of just normal community building: Little League, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, tutoring…polls show familiarity increases acceptance.