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Congressman McNerney comes through for the Environment

Representative McNerney  deserves praise for  his votes this past weekend in favor of an energy package that will help us begin to fight global warming and end our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.  After years of a Congress focused on outdated and polluting energy policy, it is refreshing to instead see a majority in in the House taking us on the path to a clean energy future.  Instead of determining how many billions of dollars in unnecessary subsidies will be shoveled to the coal, oil, and nuclear industries, the House energy bills which Congressman McNerney supported mark the beginning of a dramatic reorientation of our energy policy toward renewable energy, energy efficiency, and a new energy economy designed to benefit everyone.
Both the House and Senate have now passed slightly different energy bills. This fall, they will have the opportunity to marry the renewable energy standard passed by the House and the increased fuel efficiency standards approved by the Senate to make real progress on building a new energy economy and cutting global warming pollution.  We look forward to  his continuing to take a strong stand for a clean energy future.