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Pombo’s pillaging of our environment

It’s not too late to send a message to Richard Pombo about his pillaging of our environment. Stockton is the heart of Pombo’s district and Stockton’s Earth Day is on April 30

Pombo’s actions towards our environment reminds me of the saying about how one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

In this case, our natural treasures are Richard Pombo’s trash.  It’s obvious Pombo feels this way because of his desire to recycle our national parks and endangered specie’s environments through real estate developers and mining interests.

Send an Earth Day Message to Pombo

Please join us in signing the petition and forwarding to your friends and family who share our values on the environment.

Howard Dean in Oakland This morning w/ Video

(Thanks to Thom K for recording DNC Chair Dean. Fair warning: videos start as soon as the post opens up, and may bork certain browsers (Camino, at least). – promoted by jsw)

This morning I went to see Governor Dean speak, courtesy of Congresswoman Barbara Lee and the Central Labor Council of Alameda. Dean spoke on comprehensive immigration reform, the democratic agenda to ensure real security, and honest leadership and strategies for taking back the house in 2006.

Unfortunately the governor’s group was running behind about an hour and he rushed in, not even taking time to talk with the press. There were four or five camera crews running along with him as he entered the building as he said he didn’t have time to give an interview because he had to give a speech.

I have most of his speech captured on my little handheld digital still camera, so the quality is pretty bad from the shakes and because I had to reduce it so much to be able to upload it to the web. I’ll put a higher resolution version up as soon as my computer is able to upload it since it will take an hour or more. I’m missing about 15 seconds in the middle when I changed memory sticks.

The low resolution video (5MB) is at

The medium resolution video (16MB) is at

If you watch the video, please consider investing a few bucks in my grassroots Democratic candidate, Jerry McNerney, who is running for congress in CA-11 against Richard Pombo the Republican incumbent. That will make up for the time I was watching Howard Dean when I should have been trying to raise additional money for Jerry to beat the FEC filing deadline tonight. The McNerney contribution web site is:

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