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Growing Our Democratic Majority in the House

House Dems could pick up 20 or more seats this year, building on remarkable successes winning three special elections this year in long-held Repub districts:  Mississippi Travis Childers (54%) beat Greg Davis (46%) in a district Bush carried with 63% in 2004; Louisiana Donald J. Cazayoux Jr. (49%) beat Woody Jenkins (46%) in a 2004 59% Bush district; Illinois Bill Foster (52%) beat Jim Oberweis (48%) in a 2004 55% Bush district held by former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert for 21 years.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s nearest competitive Congressional races include Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11), a top target of the Repubs, and Dem challengers Charlie Brown (CA-4), Bill Durston (CA-3) and Jill Derby (NV-2). You can meet and support them all at a Sunday June 1 Champagne Brunch Reception, details at…

• Congressman Jerry McNerney knocked off Environmental Enemy #1 Richard Pombo in 2006, brings renewable energy expertise to the House and constituent services to his district, and now faces former State Assemblyman, former State Board of Equalization conservative Dean Andal.

• Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown (USAF-retired), a decorated Vietnam veteran with a son serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, and a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Red to Blue Candidate, nearly beat (2006 49%-46%)and subsequently drove out corrupt incumbent John Doolittle (R), and now likely faces opportunistic ultra-conservative Tom McClintock, a Southern California carpetbagger.

• Dr. Bill Durston, former Vietnam Marine platoon leader and now emergency room physician, has been endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America and faces Dan Lungren, a Bush lock-step voter, in a district that now has the smallest Republican advantage of any GOP-held California Congressional District.

• Jill Derby, born on the Flying Flapjack Ranch and running to bring Nevada values to Congress – independence and straight talk – has a rematch (2006 50%-45%) with first-termer Dean Heller after her year as Nevada Democratic Party Chair registering 30,000 new Dems in this critical Swing State – her voters will be Presidential voters in this critical election year.

Overall, Dems have 33 House seats in potential jeopardy (6 toss-ups), and the Repubs 43 (13 toss-ups), per the Cook Political Report… The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza also ranked House races at…

I’m running in AD13 (Mark Leno’s SF Assembly District)

(Add another one! Update to my list coming soon. – promoted by juls)

I’m running as a full-time volunteer grassroots political activist since Bush went to war in March 03… logged 1000’s hours trying to Defeat Bush ’04, Stop Arnold’s propositions ’05, Win Back Congress ’06. Helped Jerry, Charlie, Bill, Jill, Francine for Congress, and Debra for SOS.  Registered tons of voters, precinct captain organizer, election reform, you name it… Prez of DemocracyAction (PDA Chapter in SF) and with MoveOn, LitPAC, Party Progressive, SF4Democracy…recommend and comment on diaries and sign a million petitions online supporting the cause.

Our team has other good people, give me a shout if you’d like more info about…London Breed, Jennifer Longley, Jeff Anderson, DA Kamala Harris, Pelosi District Director Dan Bernal, Board of Ed Hydra Mendoza, David Chiu, Eva Royale, Toye Moses, Leah Shahum, Michael Sweet.

We’ve worked enough with Mark Leno to have earned his support – he’s endorsed this team. Mark supports Clean Money and other progressive causes and we know we can count on him.

Anyone in Leno’s eastern SF District, I hope you’ll come out this Sunday, 1/14 to the State Building basement at 455 Golden Gate Avenue at 2pm and vote for me and the rest of our team. I would greatly appreciate it…hope we can count on your support!

Alec Bash