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Gavin Newsom is full of … you-know-what

OK here is what was found in this on-the-ground report from a Newsom event in Houston.…

When I asked him about Clinton’s policies regarding Transgenders, the mayor responded by shifting the blame, saying, “I was very disappointed with a lot of democrats, including Barack, who hasn’t talked much about the transgender community either, with all due respect.”

Here was the kicker-after mentioning that Clinton has “been at these issues a lot longer,” Newsom continued, “I got to tell you I was very disappointed when Barack Obama said he didn’t see any difference between civil union and marriage…to me it was very hurtful particularly coming from someone in the African American community who understands separate is not equal.”


Now, what is possessing this man to go tell Texans to vote for Clinton because Obama favors civil unions over gay marriage ?

I mean, did he even listen to Hillary Clinton ? Read her programs ? Her stance on gay issues ? The record of her husband ?

What kind of chutzpah does he take to attack Obama for the very same – unfortunate – stance the candidate he had endorsed also holds !

Well, I think I know

The mayor concluded, “People don’t get upset about people who aren’t about change, they get upset about people who are about change.” (That and people who snub them at fundraising events.)

Yeah. That’s about it. Well, another one I can cross off my list.

If only he could get as much flak as Villaraigosa does in LA for his spending so much time stumping for her out of town.