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High-speed train means more jobs for Californians

California currently has an unemployment rate of 6.9% as of June 2008. That is the highest it has been since October 2003. (source: With the current downward trend in our nation’s economy not to mention our own state’s, something drastic needs to be done to change the outcome. The proposed new high-speed train system is just the kind of project to help revitalize the California’s job market. Moreover, it will put money into people’s pock it and it will not tax them on the back end.

How is this possible you ask? Well, here is how.

  • The new proposed high-speed rail will create 160,000 new constructions jobs with building expected to start in 2011.* * 450,000 new permanent jobs will be created because of the high-speed train system. These jobs will come from industries directly related to the new train as well as from revitalization projects designed to improve the new high-speed train system.*
  • Taxpayers will not be paying for tickets as well subsidizing the train system like AMTRAK is currently run. This new train is expected to generate $1 billion in annual revenue surplus without tax dollars
  • Right now Californians are wasting $20 billion a year in fuel costs and wasted time from sitting in traffic.

The high-speed train will also work to reduce the congestion at airports, by creating a cheaper and faster way to commute in California without the need for gas guzzling airplanes.While this plan is already in full swing, help is needed. In order to ensure that in November this plan is jump-started Californians for High-Speed Trains needs your help. In order to make sure each and every Californian knows how important this project is please go to their site and make a donation. *