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Escondido Council shows true colors, then apparently runs for it (late-breaking update)

(nice Christmas tale for you. Apparently due to pressure, they’re going to open the shelter after all, but the initial reaction by the council says it all. – promoted by dday)

My lovely hometown council told the homeless of our community to freeze to death. In their last meeting of the year before heading to their warm homes in our suburban town, they denied a request by the Interfaith Community Services to use their own building to house a few homeless during our unprecedented cold snap we’re having (temps have pretty regularly dipped below 30F, which is very cold for a So Cal town):

Four of the five council members said during their last meeting of the year that they couldn’t support a request by officials of the Salvation Army and Interfaith Community Services to open a temporary winter shelter in the gymnasium of the Salvation Army at Las Villas Way near Centre City and El Norte parkways.

The council didn’t vote on the matter because no motion was made. Only Mayor Lori Holt-Pfeiler, who put the item on the meeting agenda, said she supported opening the shelter. No city money was requested for the shelter, only the council’s approval of the building’s additional use.
From the NC Times. Read the comments, they’re amazingly gross at times.

I very nearly puked reading this.


From ICS’ spokesperson:

“We are deeply saddened and disappointed with the City Council’s decision,” said Interfaith spokeswoman Christine Vaughan. “To deny your city (residents) warmth, it should be a crime.”

Sam Abed, Ed Gallo, Marie Waldron, and Daniels are all the main drivers of the failed waste-of-taxpayer’s-money that was the recent illegal immigrant rental ban in Escondido. Here’s another bit of the article:

Abed cited two reports that city officials had crafted at his request to demonstrate how dedicated the city has been in helping the homeless.

So, instead of approving a no-cost SOLUTION to help the homeless in FREEZING WEATHER, these…sub-humans commission reports saying how great they are?

It’s enough to make you vomit. I’ve been in a state of agitation all day long over this. This is MY City Council! These sick freaks are making MY TOWN look like… words fail me. Here’s their contact info. The only one who supported helping the defenseless and homeless is Lori holt-Pfeiler, the Mayor.

Here’s the Interfaith Community Services page, if you’d like to offer support or encouragement. I’m not a religious person but these people are tireless, selfless, and giving individuals. They’re the kind of folks that make me NOT move out of Escondido.

Here’s Arnold’s page.

Here’s Bilbray.