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Voter fraud? Rules committee hearing? Sworn affidavits? No, its the CDP Convention 07!

You would not believe the scandal! First region delegates are rushed into a conference room #4, credentials are reviewed by… uh.. who knows, then ballots are passed out. However when the vote is cast the delegate fails to put the ballot in the box and is hand passed to a certain participant of the scandal. That ballot belonged to Ms. Alvarez (Direct proxy for Hon. Grace Napolitano who ENDORSED Bryan Urias).  By the way, all of Napolitano’s’ staff is present, including the District Director, the Deputy District Director, and the Senior Field Representative, and all five of her delegates. Why? Because, Grace Napolitano endorsed Bryan.  Then when all ballots are counted there is a tie 37 to 37. How could that be? There were not 74 people in the room.  Instead of following appropriate CDP bylaws, the Party officials decided to do a coin toss to decide the election (I would have preferred wrestle mania but they were out numbered by SGV delegates which is unheard of)
So then the process is contested, but wait, all ballots are reviewed and compared to the credential list and what do we find? Two of NAPOLITANO’S (1-staffer & 1-proxy) voted for Legaspi!!!! HUH? Immediately Napolitano District Director  calls the Hon. Napolitano who is shocked and advised Amelia to challenge the decision (1-proxy files a sworn affidavit that she voted for Bryan and files a complaint of voter fraud.  Then Amelia looks for Napolitano staffer, who is no where to be found! Finally she is confronted ” there is a problem with you ballot, problem? No problem, I want Legaspi to win. Amelia, shocked calls for all Napolitano staff to convene in a meeting room and the confession begins. Who saw what? Well, by this time it is now 12:30 am.  Then the California Democratic Party Compliance Joint Commission and guess what!?!? There are no bylaws or anything in Roberts! No rules on a “coin toss,” they don’t exist. So the committee finally agrees there should not have been a coin toss. There should have been a second ballot but how? No one could find the second ballots.  So then at this point Legaspi is in a corner sweating, pulling his tie off. Then big daddy Caldron begins to give his version about what needs to take place he talks and talks and talks! So who was the real candidate here for Region 15? It was Chuck Calderon!

Now it is Sunday morning, every region 15 delegate must vote again. The ballots are counted then compared to the credentials. What? Now how can this be a new proxy? Wait, this proxy happens to be a convicted felon, Legaspi wins!

Wow, what a weekend in San Diego!