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Francine Busby

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The Randy “Duke Stir” Cunningham saga will eventually come to an end.  A happy ending script would have a Democrat taking that seat.  Yes, the 50th Congressional District is a very Red-Leaning District.  And the person to do that just might be Francine Busby.

I had the chance to meet Ms. Busby while I was in San Diego last week.  She happened to be dining at the same local bakery (Bread and Cie in Hillcrest…fantastic muffins) and I introduced myself before we headed off to the beach.  She was terrific, and was very excited about bloggers.

The flip is nigh…

In the coming weeks as we go live, I will be hitting the Duke Stir story hard.  And in the course of that, I think the promotion of a Democrat for the seat will be vital.  I look forward to working with her campaign, and any other local campaign.

This blog is as much for community organizing as for anything else.  I want progressives in San Francisco and Sacramento to know about that San Diego race.  And vice versa.  This is an excellent opportunity to encourage the best candidates to organize throughout the state.

So, good luck Ms. Busby, and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of you in the future.

The Local Progressive Blogosphere

In a report for the New Politics Institute, Matt Stoller (Blogging of the President) and Chris Bowers (of fame) praised teh liberal blogosphere but pointed out its achilles heel: a lack of local blogs.

An edge among small, local, political blogs also means an edge in small, local, political races. While progressives may have a marked advantage in overall blogosphere discourse, it could also be argued that conservatives are taking a decisive lead in the sort of targeted blogging that will provide them with real, tangible benefits in the 2005-2006 elections and beyond.
If they do not invest time, energy and resources building a local blog infrastructure superior to that currently possessed by conservatives, the comparative advantage of progressives’ overall traffic lead will be significantly reduced.

See the extended…

What nthis means for us:

SoapBlox California (or whatever we choose to call it) is perfectly positioned to fill this need.  By launching with a solid platform (SoapBlox rox!), we will be able to capitalize on a new progressive focus on the need for a community based in California.

Welcome to SoapBlox/California

Well, I guess it officially went online at 11pm PDT on August 11, 2005.  I’m super excited.  If you are interested in helping to build a progressive community for California, shoot me an email at briancl719-pol (at) yahoo (dot) com

There won’t be much on this site until our official launch on September 1.  Check us out then!