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An update on election results: The GOP is no longer a statewide party

There are still over 4 million votes to count, but with what we have so far, the California results are looking outstanding.

Of the six congressional districts that we were targeting most heavily, it looks like we will flip at least four. Steve Knight has conceded to Katie Hill. Harley Rouda is now up nearly four points over Putin’s favorite Congressman Rohrabacher, and Harder’s lead over Dehnam is growing. And Mike Levin defeated Diane Harkey.

In the other two House seats, we are still waiting on Orange County. In Ed Royce’s seat, Young Kim still holds a small lead over Gil Cisneros. And Mimi Walters is around 2,000 votes ahead of Katie Porter. As of my last check, there are still well over 400,000 votes to count in Orange County. It is not entirely unlikely that one or both of these leads may vanish while these votes are counted. The California Congressional delegation could have single digits of Republicans.

In the statewide close races, and now looks like Ricardo Lara is set to become the first LGBT statewide elected leader in California’s history. His lead has been growing and is now over 1.5%. Tony Thurmond, however, is still down a little less than a point. With over 4 million ballots to count, it is not on conceivable that he could yet go ahead of charter school fave Marshall Tuck.

And Democrats won big elsewhere as well, winning all of the other statewide races and looking set for supermajorities in both legislative bodies. It is rather hard to argue that the GOP is going to be competitive any time in the near future either as we look like we see a lot more energy in fights within the Democratic party.

But that’s for another day.