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Weekend Odds and Ends 10/29

I haven’t done any Weekend Odds and Ends. I tend to get a bit lazy, but they are just as important around these days.  So, here we go. Teasers: Pray for Mountjoy, Schwarzenegger and his hypocrisy on crime, Pombo’s ghost, Prop 89 and more.

  • Dick Mountjoy wants your prayers…because he really really needs them.
  • Arnold’s tough on crime and criminals…or is he?
  • Pombo is haunted by a spoooky ghost…he’s called Jack Abramoff.
  • Prop 89…moneyed interests think it’s a ploy! Umm, well, that’s shocking!!
  • The Republicans think that Pelosi will be a great straw man, but if they think that Nancy won’t fight back…forget about it.
  • A Pre-investigation of the Sacto Levee failures by Dan Walters.