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Listen up San Diego county! Rod Shelton for Judge

(Lets stop this train wreck before it happens, Yes on Shelton, No on Kincaid! – promoted by CarlsbadDem)

Rod Shelton is in a runoff for Superior Court Judge against Larry Kincaid. This shouldn’t be even a contest, but it will be.

Shelton was rated “well qualified” by the San Diego Bar Assoc. Kincaid wasn’t given a rating because he failed to show up for his interview (probably a calculated decision – “not rated” looks better than “unqualified”). Even the conservative Union-Tribune “strongly” endorsed Shelton. All the law enforcement agency and leaders, and dozens of other judges in the area, have endorsed Shelton.

So why does Kincaid even stand a chance? Well, look at his endorsements: California Republican Assembly, Southern Californians for Life, California ProLife Council, Christian Examiner … are you getting scared yet? He has basically zero reputable or impartial endorsements. Here is the U-T’s take on it:

But Kincaid has written about bringing “conservative Christian values” to the bench. He also accused Shelton of being associated with “radical organizations.” Kincaid labeled the NAACP, of which Shelton is a member, a “radical socialist, pro gay-marriage organization.”

While everyone is entitled to his or her views, a judge must appear impartial. Kincaid appears anything but impartial. That is why we strongly support Rod Shelton for San Diego County Superior Court judge.

Unfortunately I’m lazy and I usually never keep track of these really obscure down-ballot things. And unfortunately, most voters probably pay even less attention than I do. Please, please, let all your friends, relatives and neighbors know about this important race. Rod Shelton for Judge.