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surging US Senate Candidate in CA – Vote David Levitt!

With 24 candidates in the race and few polls, many voters don’t realize there’s a progressive challenger to Feinstein surging, a Democrat who opposes our failed, costly mideast drug wars, and who will challenge the NDAA, CISPA, Afghanistan, Prohibition, and all the unconstitutional things she’s been doing the past 20 years.

It’s the David Levitt for US Senate campaign, and he’s already on your California ballot!

Check out the news on Levitt’s surge

– or simply type “Levitt+surges” into your search engine!

Levitt’s already leading the Democrats as runner-up in the top-two race.  There’s every reason he can win alongside Feinstein and change the debate on these issues forever IF progressive voters wake up.

Way too many uninformed folks have written “I guess we have to vote for Feinstein” or “Wouldn’t it be funny to have birther Orly Taitz on the ballot” — when actually as the article shows, a vote for Feinstein in 2012 is wasted and instead we should be taking the opportunity of a lifetime.  Let’s defeat that ignorance!

We have to spread the word now — at Calitics, the Daily Kos, FiredogLake, Facebook, Twitter — or we’ll be unprepared on June 5th.

Tell the world about http://Levitt2012.org and Like the campaign at http://facebook.com/Levitt2012 .