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Gov. Brown should sign Leno’s multiple parent legislation

Legislation would give flexibility to determine best outcome for children.

By Brian Leubitz

Sen. Mark Leno’s SB1476 recently passed out of the legislature, and has some relatively simple changes to law that could go a long way to ensuring children get the best possible outcomes during times of instability in their family lives.

Before the end of the month, California could join the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maine, Louisiana and Pennsylvania allowing more than two legal parents.

Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30 to decide whether to sign Senate Bill 1476 by San Francisco state senator Mark Leno. It permits a previous custodial or biological parent to have parental rights and take care of a child if the two current legal parents are no longer capable, as long as doing so is required to protect the child’s best interests. (WashTimes)

This bill will help not only many LGBT families, but is a step in the right direction for the modern general blended family. We should be welcoming of people who are willing to step up to be in the life of a child.