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YES on 39

I want to urge everyone to Vote YES on Proposition 39. This is the initiative to eliminate the ridiculous tax give-away that out of state corporations enjoy. By closing a loophole–that was only enacted a few years ago due to Republican machinations during the state budget process, the state will bring in about $1 billion more each year.

For the next five years, Prop. 39 earmarks half of those funds for in-state clean energy and energy efficiency projects, virtually all  of which will create jobs for California residents. The other half of the funds will go to the state’s general fund–which means a lot more for our public schools and community colleges.

After 5 years, the entire amount becomes part of the general fund–again, the bulk of which goes to K-14 public education.

There is little organized opposition, but it’s always challenging to get a YES vote in our state. I urge everyone to spread the word and make sure people vote YES on 39. http://www.cleanenergyjobsact.com/