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Odds and Ends 11/22

It’s a slow day, so another light one. Teasers: Steve Clute and Irma Anderson concede, Rob Reiner and Pooch, and more!

  • Sacramento peace activists were spied on by the Pentagon.  How creepy is that?  I understand the need to track terrorists, but peaceniks? That’s getting pretty Nixonian in its targeting of political enemies and dissidents.  Cut it out Bush.
  • Oops! It seems that Rob Reiner and the First Five Commission did nothing wrong.  A report by the Sacto DA says that the commission operated within its authority when it spent $20 million bucks advertising the benefits of preschool. This call for an investigation by Sen Poochigian had nothing to do with slandering Reiner in advance of Prop 82, could it?  I’m sure Pooch and the gang will send Reiner a formal apology and be extremely supportive of a universal preschool initiative in the future.  Good riddance, Pooch.
  • The Governor signed legislation in September authorizing fundraising for “officeholder expenses”, and what do you know, he opens such an account. Is there anything this man won’t do to get a few more bucks?
  • Irma Anderson conceded as Mayor of Richmond to Gayle McLaughlin, a Green.  Richmond now becomes the largest city with a Green mayor.
  • Steve Clute conceded AD-80 to Bonnie  “I wouldn’t kick Arnold out of bed” Garcia.  And with that, we are REALLY done with election 2006. So, we’re at a grand total of 0, yes that’s right zero, turnovers in the California Legislature, in what was a “Democratic Wave” nationally.  I’m sick of these safe districts.  In 2010, we will redistrict fairly and not collude for the sake of incumbents.
  • Have a great Thanksgiving!