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Bob Mulholland Gets Cheeky with RNC

fundraiser12Longtime Democratic consultant, activist cautions Republican leaders about local club

by Brian Leubitz

Bob Mulholland rarely misses a chance to poke a stick at a gathering of Republicans, and an upcoming RNC meeting is no different. If you don’t recall the references, a RNC staffer was fired by Michael Steele at the nightclub reference below because of a 2010 incident.

H/t to Josh Richman/Political Blotter

To: Reince Priebus, RNC Chair

Jim Brulte, Ca Republican Party Chair

They’re Not in Kansas on Wednesday

Just some friendly advice since you have a RNC meeting on Wednesday (9AM) at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, located at 1755 North Highland Ave.

Your meeting is only a 2.3 mile Taxi ride to the Voyeur West Hollywood Club, an erotic bondage-theme sex simulating club, located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. in W. Hollywood, so you might want to assign Monitors (or GPS anchor bracelets) on your RNC Members, especially those from Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, etc., if they don’t have their wives with them.

Just ask former RNC Chair, Michael Steele, who tried to explain why the RNC paid $1,946.25 for an “outing” at the Voyeur (2/4/10) by RNC people. Never did read if the RNC was reimbursed for that wild night of “relaxation.”

Stick to your meetings and avoid the “extra entertainment” options.

However, if some members need to get out and “experience” a Club, not seen at home in Kansas, Bruce Herschensohn and I would recommend the Seventh Veil at 7180 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Bruce always thought it was a discreet Club, and less than a mile from your meeting.


Bob Mulholland