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Yes, Indeed, Shawnda Westly is Awesome.

CDP Executive Director was critical to 2012 success

by Brian Leubitz

Positive posts about Democrats are relatively few and far between at CalWatchDog. However, this two-part series about “CDP mega weapon” Shawnda Westly is spot on:

But Burton, a media favorite due to his expletive-laden antics, couldn’t have done it without his right-hand woman, the party’s executive director, Shawnda Westly (pictured on the right of the above photo).

“She is the engine to the operation,” said Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Oak Park, one of six congressional freshmen honored at the convention’s Saturday “Red to Blue” luncheon. “The party this year played a much larger role in congressional races than they have ever played before.”

Read both parts of the story. In fact, read them twice. I’ve been fortunate enough to know Shawnda for a few years now, and, if anything, the article is a bit of an understatement. She has worked with Chairman Burton to execute a vision that has brought the party incredible success. And she’s dealt with the craziness that is inherent in a big political party with a smile. The kudos are very well deserved.