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Prop 47 Would Put the Emphasis Back on Rehabilitation in our Justice System

Measure would reform sentencing and focus on rehabilitation, rather than warehousing, of prisoners

by Brian Leubitz

Prop 47 has been lost a little bit in the shuffle between other measures. From local to statewide ballot measures and a few legislative races, Prop 47 doesn’t have the huge TV aerial war that we have seen elsewhere.

But it could make a huge difference in how we spend our money on prisons through the CDCR. (That last R is supposed to stand for rehabilitation, but with Prop 47, California can put its money where its mouth has been for years. We have fallen sadly behind states like Kansas in how we handle our prisons. Prop 47 is one step along the way to the powerful reform our justice system still needs.

Presente.org has a new video up, and maybe if we all share it on Facebook, a few more California voters will see it and vote Yes. View and share!