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Federal Staff Scrubbing Ellen Tauscher’s Website after SFist Story?

Yesterday, the SFist covered the CA-10 campaign (noting, “Oh, it’s on.”). But the editor also focused on the notorious photo of Bush and Tauscher:

BTW- that photo isn’t from her meeting. It’s from 2002 when she was about to agree with the Iraq War resolution. Expect that photo to be all over the political blogs like the Britney sans panties photos were on the gossip sites.

Last night the story hit google news and now the photo has been disappeared from Tauscher’s federally funded, official government website.

I downloaded the photo on Monday, but it is there no more. Here is there URL of where it was, as I noted on Monday:


If you do a Google Image search for that URL (right now), it is still in their cache and this is what you will see:

But if you click through, you are taken to the Official Congressional page not found page.

I really don’t know what to think. Photos online don’t just disappear unless somebody (in this case a federal employee) takes the time to remove — or scrub — the website of the photo. Why did this happen? Is this even legal?