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More Lieberman and Tauscher

Ellen Tauscher Joe Lieberman Tom DeLayToday’s look at Joe Lieberman and Ellent Tauscher is brought to you by a special machine that takes you way back to August 14, 2000:

“I asked Ellen to nominate me because we share the values and concerns of America’s working families and understand the real issues that affect their everyday lives. Ellen is a strong and effective leader with a vision for the future to build on the foundation of our unprecedented prosperity and use the surplus to benefit all working families,” said Senator Lieberman.

Of course, Joementum flopped in the debate, rolled over during the recount, and the surplus was spent on their war. Lieberman and Tauscher both over-compensate for their insecurity by enabling the Republican Party. The gains we made last year were in-spite of the way these two constantly seek to find the halfway point between good and stupid. If you tell them the Democratic base thinks gravity is 9.8 m/s/s, they’ll suggest we start the negotiations at 4.9 m/s/s and insist that eventually the GOP will acknowledge at least a degree of gravity. The main difference is that Tauscher won’t get a do-over.