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Spocko’s War

We’ve mentioned Spocko’s blog in several of our blog roundups (see this google site search).  Spocko has been, as jsw put it, waging a one-Vulcan war against the right-wing hate machine based in San Francisco.  Yup, you know it, you ahem, hate it, it’s KSFO.  You know, the station that brings you such luminaries as Brian Sussman and Melanie Morgan.  Quite a station they’ve got over there. Unfortunately, Spocko’s Brain, the blog in question, is down as of 11 PM Wed. But here’s Google’s Cache

One example that got picked up by Media Matters and, eventually, Olbermann:

ROGERS: Yeah, she’s dreaming, all right. She’s dreaming of personally strangling Melanie Morgan.

MORGAN: Oh. We’ve got a bull’s-eye painted on her big, wide laughing eyes.

Just lovely, eh?  Well, good ol’ Spocko has plenty more where that came from. They’ve got some real bile-spewers over there at KSFO.

Well, anyway, not only has Spocko been waging the one-Vulcan war on the series of tubes, but also sending out letters to advertisers.  And, well, it’s been working. Advertisers including Bank of America and AT&T have pulled their ads from KSFO due to the vitriol emerging from the mouths of chickenhawks at KSFO.  This didn’t make KSFO, ABC Radio and Disney (parent corps) particularly happy.

Well, after some nice back and forth on Spocko’s blog with Spocko (via posting as “Spocko’s Vendetta”) where insinuating that Spocko would soon be arrested by, alternatively, the police or the FBI, KSFO got serious.  First, they posted Spocko’s picture on their website.  After thinking better (?) of that, they lawyered up and sent Spocko a Cease and Desist letter.

Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess, but Spocko wages on.  Illogical, perhaps.  But worthy of praise from all of us, certainly.