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Running for CA Delegate – an 18 year old’s perspective

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Many of you know, as it has been blogged about many times both here and on calitics, the meetings to elect the next group of delegates to the California Democratic Party are being held this weekend. There are a large number of bloggers running for seats across all 80 Assembly Districts as Robert Sallady of the LA Times so eloquently blogged about and, in a much more civil and quite good article Shane Goldmacher of the Sacramento Bee also wrote about…

As announced yesterday he won his ADEM meeting, and deservingly so!! I, also won mine, making me the youngest delegate to the convention.

The whole process was alot of fun, and a bit stressful. People didn’t really find out that I was running until last weekend, because it wasn’t until then did I realize that 14 women were running for the 6 seats available. This was completely unexpected – since in the past it’s mainly been show up bases; if you showed up, you got a seat, since there really wasn’t anyone running for it. I started making phone calls like crazy.

I was referred to several bigshots around Sacramento, all of them saying I should get on this “progressive slate”. I was for it, and I liked what it stood for, so I wanted to be a part of it. It turned out though, that there were two progressive slates. One ACTUAL progressive slate – the one endorsed by the CDP and the Progressive Caucus, and another one that well, wasn’t. It was basically party progressives vs. progressives that were more progressive and therefore out to destroy the party folk. They both despised each other and I didn’t realize that they were different ones until the morning of the meeting. I got there pretty certain that I was on both slates, in addition to having just come out in the SacBee with quotes speaking, fairly harshly, out against party officials. I actually don’t want part of either of these groups. I’m just there to get things done. I don’t wish to be a part of the bickering similar to 3rd grade play ground fights that typically surrounds democratic meetings and stops things from getting done. 

Anyhow, I decided I would just show up to the meeting and campaign for me, after all, I was running. I showed up with nifty campaign fliers, that I’m fairly proud of, showing off an awesome quote that Charlie gave me to run with. I got there, with a few of my friends, and just chatted myself up all morning. Most of the hour we had to “mingle” was spent witnessing grown adults huddling into their own corners and talking about who they were or weren’t going to vote for, and convincing others to do the same. It was done in an unsurprisingly childish way – unsurprising only because I had already witnessed all of this at the last state convention last June.

Around 11 the meeting was officially convened and we began giving our speeches. Mine was pretty horrible, with me mumbling most of the time (at least that’s what it felt like) but I must have done pretty good cause I was interrupted for applause 3 times. I don’t remember what I said, but I heard it was good.

After all of the speeches we sat around for about an hour and a half waiting for the votes to be tallied. During this time at least 3 people came up to me and told me they came to vote just for me because of the article in the paper. That was very humbling and exciting to hear – the idea that I inspired people to come to a meeting similar to a circus just to vote for me – now that’s talent, haha.

Here’s a few pictures from the meeting – and I apologized that they’re too big – I couldn’t figure out how to resize them… and thanks to the commenters, they are perfectly sized.

All of the women running

Standing room only

giving my speech


In the end, after all the votes were counted (and recounted, and recounted) I ended up winning a seat on the CC. It was very exciting, and it’s a privilige to have the opportunity to make change and get things done. Right now, for me, this position is what I make it. Many have told me that you don’t really do anything as a memeber of the DSCC, but they’re wrong. Being a member of the DSCC gives you the opportunity to do what you want and what you can – whether or not you take that opportunity is up to you.

With that, I want to wish everyone else running this weekend the best of luck, and congratulate those who have already had their meeting. I congratulate you whether you won or lost, since running in the first place is a big first step to getting involved in local party politics.

Here’s a list of all of the bloggers running:

User Name AD Real Name
alecbash 13 Alec Bash
atdleft 69 Andrew Davey
auros 21 Auros Harman
bolson 35 Brian Olson
carlmanaster 75 Carl Manaster
Chris Prevatt 54 Chris Prevatt 
da 13 Dan Ancona
danwood 16 Dan Wood
dday 41 David Dayen
Donna Marie 3 Donna Joy
dougdilg 41 Doug Dilg
dwcal 53 Daniel Wang
EDN 35 Ellen Dana Nagler
Erik Love 35 Erik Love
hekebolos 42 Dante Atkins
Jenifer Fernadez Ancona 13 Jenifer Ancona
JeremyDThompson 43 Jeremy Thompson
joesha 67 Joe Shaw
kai.stinchcombe 21 Kai Stinchcombe
LBreen 44 
Leslie in CA 8 Leslie Simmons
midvalley 48 Jered Hess
murphy 43 
nicthebrick 13 Nicole Rivera
Predictor 12 Eward Boyd
ollieb 43 Todd Beeton
ordgddss 43 Carol Elaine Cyr
rebelatheart 5 Paula Villescaz
SFBrianCL 13 Brian Leubiz
SFJen 13 Jennifer Longley
soyinkafan 80 Beth Caskie
Steve Maviglio 9 Steve Maviglio

Oh, and one picture of the celebrations afterwords, haha.

CRAZY TEENS take over Downtown Sacramento in a shopping cart at 1 in the morning!!!

crossing the street in a shopping cart