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Kevin Lawlor Caught in a Lie?

With all the heat, Ellen Tauscher’s press secretary Kevin Lawlor when on record and said, “her 63 New Dem colleagues were in lock-step with Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leadership throughout the first 100 hours”. The problem is, this isn’t true. For example the 6 for ’06 agenda for the first 100 hours had the item to end subsidies for big oil and invest in renewable energy. Congressman John Barrow voted against leadership and according to Tauscher’s own website he is one of those 63 NDC colleagues. Is anyone suprised a NDC member sided with big oil? Is anyone suprised Kevin Lawlor tried to cover it up with what appears to be a blatant lie to the press?

UPDATE: Josh Richman has another find:

And, from my own research, I now see that New Democrat Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., was among 16 Democrats opposing H.R. 3, the bill to expand stem-cell research.

Flack Checked.

UPDATE II: The A.P. is now running the exact same quote.

UPDATE III: To put this in context, 1/3 of the Democratic Party 100 hour agenda passed despite the fact NDC members weren’t in lockstep with the leadership.