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Latest on the SF Mayor’s Race

The San Francisco Sentinel has a great number of photos from Gavin Newsom’s HQ open house, including pics of Assemblymember Mark Leno, Supervisor Beavan Dufty, and John Burton.

In other campaign news, Newsom strategist Eric Jaye turns to blogging for his thoughts on Alex Tourk. While a touchy subject, I thought it was a classy post that paid a well deserved tribute to Tourk as a person and operative.

In tomorrow’s issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Tim Redmond sums up the field on the left, suggesting the CW at the Guardian’s birthday bash was Matt Gonzalez has first shot, Ross Mirkarimi if Gonzalez declines and everyone if Newsom bows out. Redmond concludes, “Throw in public financing and ranked-choice voting, and the election’s going to be like nothing there ever was in this town. I can’t wait.” He isn’t alone.