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Does Sean Hannity Owe $10,000

Nothing like mayoral season in San Francisco to watch conservative heads explode, but this may set a new record. When the Yale Choir scandal initially broke, Fox News mouthpiece Sean Hannity decided to ignore the homophobic comments and instead focus on the fact media was reporting they were shouted during the singing of the National Anthem. He was so outraged that he offered a $10,000 reward to prove “it is OK to sing the anthem in this country and not be attacked.”

Dan Noyes had more on the scandal tonight and it is sure to drive Fox News heads watchers to rue the day Hannity pulled this stunt.

You see, one of the potential suspects brought to light thanks to all the media attention is part of the Marine’s elite, “2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Company” and since this is an open investigation, the USMC is willing to offer him up for questioning. The kicker: by my count it looks like Hannity may owe gay San Francisco attorney Jim Hammer and Green Party leader (and potential mayoral candidate) Matt Gonzalez the cash.