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SF-MAYOR: Matt Gonzales Considering Rematch

(Cross-posted on daily kos)

It looks like 2007 may be an intereting election year in San Francisco after all. The Fog City Journal is reporting that former Supervisor Matt Gonzales is considering a rematch with a weakened Gavin Newsom and is shopping around for a campaign manager.

Although former Board President Matt Gonzalez has not officially declared his candidacy for mayor, he has been working behind the scenes to secure a campaign manager.

Fog City has confirmed today political campaign strategist, Nicole Derse, has been in discussions with Gonzalez over her availbility to be his campaign manager.

Reached by phone, Derse told Fog City she has discussed the position of campaign manager with Gonzalez but stressed: any offer is contingent on Gonzalez’ decision to run, and her availability.

This may partially explain why Newsom demoted his press secretary and brought John Kerry’s guy into 200 City Hall. I was not around for the last tussle between the two, but from all accounts it was a knock-down-drag-out fight. Personally, I do not know enough about him to form an opinion. I’m wary of Greens, but considering the drift of the current administration, I’m willing to listen to him. I would be most receptive to a candidate who can get a handle on some of the tougher issues that Newsom has not coped well with, namely a police department with serious morale problems. However, this should be interesting.