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From a Regional Director of CDP to the Progressive Caucus and DFA NorCal

CDP Standing Committees
Posted by: “[email protected][email protected]  demcaps
Thu Mar 8, 2007 3:56 pm (PST)
Greetings Fellow Activists,

After years of work on this subject, there’s an accessible
grassroots activist on every CDP Standing Committee. If you’re a new
delegate, it may take time to learn the contacts and best process.
I’ve heard some unfair rumors about the CDP Standing Committees, so I
want to share one of my experiences.

I supported a resolution (passed in LA at the convention) to
create a plan to better fund grassroots activities. I wanted to see
how the Finance Committee might handle the resolution, so I just
showed up at a meeting and asked. Even though that was really a bit
rude of me (more polite to email the Committee Chair beforehand to
ask my question or request an agenda item), the committee took a
little time to deal with me. I then followed-up, so I know how the
Party worked with Howard Dean to create a strategy in California to
address the issue I’m so passionate about, and I understand the
process that took place to make decisions even if I don’t agree 100%.

Eric Bradley (our Party’s elected controller) heads the Finance
Committee, an important standing committee that meets at E-Boards
(not at conventions, so you’ll need to go to the next E-Board
scheduled for July in Sacramento if you want to attend a meeting in
person). As busy as Eric is, I’ve found him to be very responsive
when I have a question or when my region wants to add an item to the
Finance Committee’s agenda. I’d suggest that you email Eric ahead of
time at eric@bradley4. org.

Eric was elected because of his expertise in the financial
arena, his integrity and efficiency, but also because of his
long-standing dedication to our Party’s values. The FPPC/FEC
reporting of the Party’s money is public information, but Eric has
also implemented regular bi-yearly auditing of the Party’s finances
to make sure.

Out of respect to this dedicated Democrat, I would always contact
him first if my group had money issues. It’s always better to have
all the facts before we start criticizing, and even then, it’s
important to remember that we’re all on the same side.

In Solidarity,
Barbara Graves

Passed along by Judy Hotchkiss
Member CDP Rules Committee
CDP Rural Caucus
Amador DCC