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DiFi’s US.A. Bill passes the Senate 94-2

DiFi’s S.214 passed the Senate today:

Under the bill (S. 214), which passed 94-2 with only Sens. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and Kit Bond (R-Mo.) opposed, the attorney general can still name an interim U.S. attorney for up to 120 days. However, after that time the president must sent a permanent nominee to the Senate for confirmation. If that does not happen, a district court would then have the authority to appoint an interim U.S. attorney. (TheHill 3/20/07)

I beleive it was passed without significant amendments (Kyl and Sessions tried).  DiFi has been very, very good on the US Attorney issues, pushing it when she (and Josh Marshall) were the only ones paying attention.