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My Congressman Supports The Supplemental, Does Yours?

By now, you’ve all probably received an e-mail from MoveOn asking us to call our Congressman to urge him or her to support the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health and Iraq Accountability Act. I know PeteB2 has called. And earlier today I called my Congressman, Rep. Adam Schiff. This is what his office said:

Congressman Schiff voted for it in committee last week and intends to do the same on the floor this week.

Have you called? When you do, let MoveOn know the response HERE. And share it below in the comments.

I’ve also contacted Schiff’s press guy about posting here at Calitics. I’m particularly interested in his perspective on this issue, since he’s both a Blue Dog and on Appropriations. I suspect he may view us as too liberal for him but hopefully he’ll see that we don’t bite.