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Dana distinguishes himself…. again.

(What’s up with with Rohrabacher?- Brian Leubitz…
Well, Brian, that’s a great question! Hopefully, THIS is a good reminder for all of us as to what the heck is in Crazy Dana’s head. : ) – promoted by atdleft

California’s Republican Congressional delegation has, once again, distinguished itself with it own mental obtuseness. Chris Mooney, blogging at Intersection. noted that

… once the hearing started, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher once again, er, “distinguished” himself, using up all of his allotted time to speechify rather than ask the witnesses questions, talking about solar variations and global warming on Mars (you know the talking point), and then [in]credulously repeating the claim that James Hansen has done 14,000 media interviews.

Faux News devoted much of a February 9, 2007 story to Rohrabacher’s highly (un)scientific pronouncements. But he eventually gets to his real issue.

“We’ve seen this over and over again, where they are trying to claim an almost unanimous consensus among scientist and it’s not true. Usually that tactic is nothing more than just trying to stampede people than answer serious criticism.”

Thankfully, we now have a Representative with real scientific understanding, Jerry McNerney.  It would seem to me that we need to organize the same kind of action targeting Rohrabacher that we managed to pull off against Pombo. It won’t be easy.  It took two elections to give Pombo the opportunity to become a well payed lobbyist.  Still, the same tactics that we used on Pombo should work on Rohrabacher. 

Anyone up to the task?