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Calling OC! Come & Get Your Democracy Tonight!

OK, now! Are you ready to join me at DFA-OC tonight?

Special Guest: John Perez, Political Director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 324, to discuss current contract negotiations with Albertson’s, Von’s and Ralph’s. Other items: Presentations on peace actions, blogging in CA (by Calitics’ own atdleft!!), resolutions to be voted on at State Convention, media presentation and more. For collection, bring household items or gift cards for Beverly House, a home for 18-21 year old emancipated foster women.

So would you like to learn more about the gorcery workers’ negotiations? Do you want to find out what YOU CAN DO IN ORANGE COUNTY to end the war and create a more peaceful planet? Do you want to ACTUALLY MEET ME TONIGHT??!!

OK, OK. I know I don’t really matter… But YOU DO! So come on over to DFA tonight, and get your fill of democracy… AND ACTION! : )