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Mary Bono still loyal to Bush on the “Iraq thing”

Oh, Lordy, help us.

Today’s Desert Sun features two OpEd on the Iraq war funding bill: one by Mary Bono and the other by Barbara Boxer, prompting this letter to the editors:

Will The Desert Sun please ask Rep. Mary Bono what objections she made to the pork in the 2006 war funding bill?  If “politics” is so dreadful an element in legislation, why wasn’t Mary Bono outspoken about the bird flu/agricultural subsidy pork back then?  As usual, Bono suffers from selective fiscal concern in her current “loyal Bushie” OpEd. 

Senator Barbara Boxer’s presence here in the GOP-dominated CA-45th is such a relief.  Before Bono’s extremely limited perspective went unchallenged.  Not so anymore.  Rest of the short letter on the flip. 

Mary Bono needs to read Barbara Boxer’s immensely sensible OpEd, which points out we spend $8 billion every month in Iraq.  That spending dwarfs the “perks” that so offend Ms. Bono.  Mary Bono, our troops need actual support, not good Bushie lip service.  Congress is finally representing the people, thanks to the recent election.  Whom does Mary Bono represent, Bush or us?

Anyone familiar with Mary Bono’s “This Iraq thing will blow over” mentality knows the answer to that one. 

2008 can’t come too soon.

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