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Pimp My Campaign Coffers

Come on, this can’t be true, can it?  Our governor is going on “Pimp My Ride” to pimp his own environmental policies, by overseeing the conversion of a classic Chevy Impala to biodiesel… but he can’t even do something like that unless he gets paid?

It might appear that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to appear on MTV’s popular reality show “Pimp My Ride” later this month is just another of his Hollywood crossover moves. But a closer look shows one of Schwarzenegger’s big campaign donors is also getting a boost in the April 22 episode — Galpin Motors.

One of Galpin’s Southern California showrooms is where the hit TV show is filmed. Owners of the company, H.F. Boeckmann and Jane Boeckmann, are also among the governor’s big supporters.

The Boeckmann’s gave $44,600 to the governor’s re-election committee last year and in 2005, they also gave another $44,600 to the governor’s primary ballot committee, the California Recovery Team.

Also, Alan Skobin, general counsel for Galpin Motors is one of Schwarzenegger’s appointees to the state’s New Motor Vehicle Board.

Seriously, you have to be kidding me.  Is there an political appointee who isn’t one of Arnold’s personal friends or cronies?  Is there a single appearance that doesn’t have campaign dollars involved?  I know this is how Hollywood works, but does it have to be how Sacramento works?