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Help Us Keep Wal-Mart Out Of Orange County

(cross-posted from Courage Campaign)

Wal-Mart is just itching to get their dirty paws on Orange County and they see their opportunity with a proposed 170,000 sq. ft. Supercenter in Garden Grove. The proposal has to be approved by the Garden Grove City Council first, however, and yesterday, the man who will likely end up being the swing vote, was appointed to the council. By a vote of 3-1, the Garden Grove City Council appointed Planning Commissioner Steve Jones to fill the seat vacated by Janet Nguyen.

Where does Jones stand on the prospect of Wal-Mart’s first Orange County Supercenter? From The OC Register:

Jones said after the meeting that he has not yet made up his mind on Wal-Mart.

It’s too early to decide,” Jones said. “I dare not express any opinions until after I see the environmental impact report on that project.”

So, in association with OC Democrats, CLUE and the Main Street Coalition, Courage Campaign has launched a petition drive to help make up Steve Jones’s mind.

Please sign our petition urging the council’s newest member to keep Wal-Mart out of Garden Grove. Text of the petition below the fold…

Dear Councilman Steve Jones:

Congratulations on being appointed to the Garden Grove City Council.

I stand with the Main Street Coalition, an alliance of faith communities, small business, labor, neighborhood organizations and community members. I am concerned about maintaining responsible and healthy development in Orange County and therefore ask that you vote to keep Wal-Mart from expanding into Garden Grove.

Wal-Mart has a destructive impact on communities and will endanger the growth and sustainability of the existing diverse local and family owned businesses in Garden Grove. Moreover, Wal-Mart will replace these businesses with poverty level jobs, further harming working families.

Wal-Mart’s low standards cost us all. A 2004 study by the UC Berkely Labor Center found that Wal-Mart costs the state $86 million annually in public assistance to its workers, and concluded that if other retailers in California followed Wal-Mart’s example when it comes to wage and benefits, it would cost California taxpayers an additional $410 million annually to provide public assistance.

Wal-Mart’s poor labor standards and unethical corporate practices lead the race to the bottom and endanger the very fabric of our communities.

I therefore urge you to support responsible development by saying “No” to Wal-Mart’ in Garden Grove.