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Oops! She’s Doing It Again

Cross posted from The Progressive Connection

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSeems like it’s about time for Ellen Tauscher to check herself into Interfering Politician Rehab. You might have thought that after last year’s Steve Filson debacle in the CA-11 primary, she’d have gotten the message that Democratic voters are perfectly capable of choosing their own candidates. But nooooo, the woman is out of control.

With Guy Houston being termed out of his AD-15 seat, there are presently five Democrats vying to replace him:

  • retired airline pilot Steve Filson
  • electrician Steve Thomas
  • retired entrepreneur Fred Klaske
  • small businessman Davies Ononiwu and
  • high school principal Chris Van Schaack

So you might look at this group and ask yourself, “Exactly what’s missing from the mix; what more do we need?” And the answer would be — why, it’s the Ellen Tauscher Seal of Approval™. Apparently, Filson has fallen out of favor; I’m guessing that Tauscher feels like he let her down in CA-11, rather than the more obvious alternative: that, just maybe, Democratic voters resent Tauscher’s interference in their elections.

So meet the new, sixth candidate in AD-15, Joan Buchanan. A 17-year member of the school board in San Ramon and generous contributor to Tauscher’s past campaigns, Buchanan appears poised to catapult to front-runner status based on her powerful political connections to Friends of Ellen and her prodigious fundraising potential. Sound eerily familiar?

What is Tauscher thinking? Isn’t there anybody who can stop her before she hurts someone? K-Fed? Anyone?