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It was really nice to put faces with some of the usernames

All your energy and imagination is rejuvenating to us old party hacks. I want to be in contact with more of you.Thanks for welcoming Garry Shay and John Hanna to the dialogue.I hope they have deflected some of the paranoia that resulted from the events of Sunday afternoon. There will be a special Rules meeting in June where both the resolutions procedure and referrals to committees and caucuses will be discussed. Input is welcome ,email to [email protected].
I agree with most of the commentary and assessments of the presidential candidates.John Edwards got me. All the others seemed like they were giving their standard stump speech. Edwards talked to us with passion and sincerity and managed to include quite a few specifics. I’m sold.
Although I occaisionally post on Calitics and the California Progress Report I am very new to blogging and could use a tutor. I have no idea how to get exposure for my diaries and comments or do a whole list of other things. Any volunteers? I am more than willing to be a resource for all on Rules,Bylaws and the process in general. I also moderate the CDP Rural Caucus newsgroup and invite all to join at 1.
2. send email to [email protected]
Judy Hotchkiss
Member,CDP Rules Committee