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CaliticsTV: John Edwards Presser

I need to get all of these videos up. I still have Hillary’s Presser and Lori Hancock on Clean Money. But today, here’s Edwards Presser. If you listen closely, you will hear the first question came from Tim Redmond of the SFBG. And it’s a great question. If you can’t hear the question, basically he asked if Edwards would consider some sorts of tax on the uber-wealthy, you know like people making $25 mil/year. Edwards wasn’t immediately opposed to the concept. I guess that’s a start.

For videos broken up by topic, check out Working Californians. Well, we both posted at the same time. So…here’s juls’ videos over the flip

Like Todd, I shot video of the Edwards press conference.  I have edited it down into three clips. Unfortunately, the media focused more on politics than substance, but Edwards still had the opportunity to address some of Working Californian’s issues, plus a bonus talk on what it takes to be a great leader.  Three videos below the fold.

All the clips are up on Working Californian’s YouTube page.

In this clip, Edwards takes a series of three questions on taxes.  He broke new ground in the press conference refusing to rule out excess profit taxes.

The question on leadership was posed not by the mainstream media, but a credentialed online journalist.  The reporters groaned, but it was a refreshing change from questions about his hair.

The last clips is the same as Todd’s but a little steadier since I had tripod. Edwards talks about California leading on energy, minimum wage and health care.