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The California Caucus

DSC_0053.JPGLucas posted a little bit about the beginning of the YearlyKos Convention, but there’s a little bit of California here. In fact, over 200 Californians are registered for this convention. Hey, that’s not too bad considering that Chicago is a long flight away from California. 

So, Kid Oakland worked really hard to get the regional caucuses set up, and Dave and Julia organized the California caucus. So, thanks!  We spent the bulk of the time introducing ourselves, but that’s pretty darn useful. Listen, Blogs are great, but at some point we need to get to know each other in the real world.

We also talked briefly about how important California’s legislature and legislation is to the nation as a whole. Whether that’s for better (the catalytic convertor) or for worse (the anti-tax bug of the late 1970s), California matters. Finally, we wrapped up with a few minutes from some of our great California candidates for Congress. Charlie Brown, Steve Young, Ron Shepston, and Russ Warner each told us a little bit about themselves.  And hey, looky we even have a picture with the four of them (thanks, Dante!).